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Smart homes need smart cybersecurity


Smart TVs, WiFi boosters and voice assistants like Alexa could be hacked, allowing cybercriminals to snoop your network, steal your passwords or even watch you whilst you're watching TV or streaming on Netflix.


1.8 billion data records are sold on the dark web every year, that probably includes yours. It could be your password, your medical history or even the IP address of your webcam.

zobi cyber security
zobi cyber security


Scanning 16 million connected homes found that 20% vulnerable to cyber attacks. Zobi connects to the router and works alongside your existing anti-virus and firewall to shield your home against hackers, by using Artificial Intelligence to spot suspicious patterns of device behaviour.


Join over 15,000 others and request your early adopter discount. Coming soon to Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.

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zobi shield - Cyber security for smart homes | Product Hunt Embed