Frequently asked questions

  • What is domain take down?

    This is where infringing domain names are taken offline by using a domain take down service. It can take 3 months or more to go through the process.

  • What is domain infringement?

    Let's say your company has a domain name and somebody registeres (note the A instead of O), this would be domain infringement. It is likely to be an mailicious attempt to capture web traffic and emails from user typing in the domain name incorrectly. It is a hacking method preying on users who may not notice the incorrect spelling when receiving emails and often relates to mandate fraud.

  • What is mandate fraud

    Mandate fraud is where a hacker pretends to be you or somebody with financial authority, and instructs (usually by email) a money transfer fraudulently.

  • What is SSL?

    SSL is Secure Socket Layer and means the data traffic is encrypted end to end. Web browsers user SSL for secure browsing, you would have seem https:// and a padlock indiciating a secure browsing session.

  • When does zobi post new blogs?

    We aim to post a new blog every 2-3 days offering easy to understand cyber security advice, alerts on new scams and news of data breaches and how to reduce your risk.